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I’ve listened to this week’s two WHO press conferences.

Click on the graphic above to access the WHO website.

Dr.’s Ghebreyesus, Ryan and Van Kerkhove of the WHO answered various questions from global reporters after an initial statement by Dr. Ghebreyesus, during which he noted the serious nature of the disease and that detection, isolation, and treatment are the primary focus needs across the globe. On Monday he cleared up one thing for me – the difference between isolating and quarantining, with isolation related to those that have the virus, and quarantining related to those that are positioned to get the virus; like anyone close to the virus action, i.e., nearly everyone.

Unfortunately, I am only a local independent reporter, of a type, and was unable to get my two questions into the press conference, which are: 1) What is the WHO doing with the approximately $750 mm USD its received in donations related to Covid-19; and, Is the WHO involved in global management of vaccination programs, and if not, should they be and what would they do? I have looked but not found answers to those questions, yet.

The WHO team was very respectful of the various needs each country has to manage this disaster, and continue to ask people to respect this disease. You may listen to today’s press conference here, by the WHO. Please give it a chance to start loading, as it was almost an hour long event and the audio file is over 100 mb of mp3, baby!

Along with what we don’t know, there is what we do know, and that includes the fact that we are now sitting around 200,000 people in the USA that are known to be infected with the virus. Now, so far, the transmission rate has been greater than one per person that has the virus, but if we could fix stupid, which Ron White says cannot be done, but if we could, we might limit the total number of cases in the USA to a final transmission of 1 per current infected person, to stop this thing at something less than a half million people infected here. That would be a good thing, but it would require additional effort. But let’s get back to that 200,000 thing.

Johns Hopkins now has the USA at just over 206 thousand confirmed cases. There has been a lot of talk about how now the US is leading the pack, but as you know, the USA is quite large. Now if you look at just the major European countries that have large Covid-19 numbers, that would easily fit in the boarders of the USA, lets say Italy, Spain, France and Germany (so terrible an effect on those countries), they total almost 350 thousand, so given they are in front of us, that half a million in the USA, looks like a best case scenario.

Well folks I can tell you one thing, I am trying my best to keep from being in the infected column, though every time I go out of the house for food, or a bike ride, I come home thinking I must have seen someone that has it, because there are so many people out there. I do want to thank those companies that are staying open and actually trying to make sure they are not spreading the virus – like I went to the Vitamin Shoppe to pick up an online order, and their staff was wearing surgical gloves (PPE’s) and that gave me a little better feeling about being in that store for about two and a half minutes. And I had on gloves, and I still got home and washed my hands, and I still felt like I wish I had not gone out.

Screen Capture at 5:02 PM, 4/1/20

Keep your distance, your physical distance, and your sanity, and read a book if you’re tired of the internet, or do like Larry David said and watch TV, but don’t go out without a real purpose, so we can keep the calendar part of this thing counted in terms of weeks and not months. Now save a life and go wash your hands!

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