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Vol. 1, Issue # 107 – Friday, October 30, 2020 – Published by LifeCraft Media, LLC

Question: How much money do you think Hunter Biden can make with his father as President? Crack dealers stop drooling …

In Other Words: Commander-in-Chief, where the buck stops and the Federal Government stands; in charge of things like…

President Trump, or Karmala, your choice for commander…


I used to walk in the shade
With those blues on parade,
But now I’m not afraid.
This rover crossed over.

Sunny Side of the Street by Dorothy Fields

Science: Breakthrough quantum-dot transistors create a flexible alternative to conventional electronics.

DOE/Los Alamos National Laboratory – “…fundamental electronic building blocks out of tiny structures known as quantum dots and used them to assemble functional logic circuits.” 

OP ED: Electricity and transportation – alternatives to fossil fuels are challenges the smart people out protesting now could be creating, rather than havoc, but that would mean they understood… understand?

Perspective: I am no proponent of retirement, yet I am a proponent of moving on to new things. I decided 50 years of lawn cutting was enough. I also decided 35 years was enough accounting. Some politicians should…

Words: Newborn Brains Don’t Process Emotions Like AdultsBY STEVEN REINBERG, HealthDay Reporter. See the linked site for a short read.

Beach: Fantastic, cool clear air, although the swells are showing a northerly track, they seem to be coming from dead east on NB.





Next new moon 11/14, next full moon 11/30, (graphic in euro date format)


Propositional Logic will continue on Monday, with how a proof works based on rows and argue management procedures.

Today’s Music: Lock and Key by Tom Princapato, cc 4.0 license and presented as recorded.

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