Dodging the SARS CoV 2 Virus, Part 7: Exile on Myrtle Street (Chapter 1)

May. 13, 2020 by

EIGHT WEEKS IN EXILE (if the music does not start automatically, click the upper right start button, the Tom Principato tune is outstanding if you like blues guitar) Myrtle Street

Road to Know-where

Dodging the SARS CoV2 Virus-Part 6: Sou’Easter

Apr. 12, 2020 by

Part 6 of dodging the Covid crisis is about being out there where it lives, or at least it hangs out in droplets or people.

Physical Distance from Packaging

Dodging the SARS CoV2 Virus – Part 5: Duval County Rules

Apr. 2, 2020 by

Jacksonville, FL Mayor Lenny Curry is responsible for the primary rules governing emergencies in the Jacksonville area, including Duval County and subs thereof, like Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, and Jax

Dodging the SARS CoV2 Virus – Part 4: WHO, WHAT, etc…

Apr. 1, 2020 by

I’ve listened to this week’s two WHO press conferences. Dr.’s Ghebreyesus, Ryan and Van Kerkhove of the WHO answered various questions from global reporters after an initial statement by Dr.

Dodging the SARS CoV2 Virus – Part 3: K-9 Kovid and Hiding Out

Mar. 27, 2020 by

Headline Hounds: Kennel Kovid, our name for the kennel cough that attacked our two hounds before we left New Jersey, a week ago, to come to our home in Florida.

Hanging chains

Dodging the SARS CoV2 Virus – Part 2: Installing a Bidet

Mar. 26, 2020 by

Naw, just kidding, I’m not really installing a bidet, thought the thought did cross my mind yesterday as I passed the paper products aisle at the local Publix. I guess