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Vol. 1, Issue # 126 * – Wednesday, November 18, 2020 – Published by LifeCraft Media, LLC – “awe, I wasn’t gonna say bitch… I’m talking about Black Lassie, a Great American Dog” (Cheech and Chong)

Off the Cuff: Rain, sun, the sand, the beach, our home. Yesterday the NB City Council met to discuss updates to Our Vision Plan (my name for it), and all residents speaking agreed that there is no need to keep certain residential parking ideas in the plan, like parking permits, and expanded residential parking on the E/W 100 – 300 blocks. It was clear that the council heard the objections. One citizen mentioned that when things get left in plans that shouldn’t be, city managers and council members in the may not know what the real idea was, or problem, and therefore it would be best to get that new part of the plan expunged; so please, city council, strike the residential parking program from Our Vision Plan. Keep tuned in for more.

A good plan is mighty handy to have: thanks to the council for a great idea.

In Other Words: Shame on you President Trump for fighting the good fight. Now Joe, be nice and stop touching, and Karmala, stop frothing at the bit. Quiet, Nancy.


“And I will lay my burden down
Rest my head upon that shore
And when I wear that starry crown
I won’t be wanting anymore”

Take Me to the Mardi Gras by Paul Simon


Early big-game hunters of the Americas were female, researchers suggest

Challenges age-old ‘man-the-hunter’ hypothesis

Date: November 5, 2020 Source: University of California – Davis, Summary: What? Women did the hunting? Huh? Click Here for Story

Thinking: Fact or Fiction, the age old question… professional skepticism; fact or fiction.

OP ED: If all this politics and country were easy, it would be easy.

Perspective: Hi. My name is Greta. I am what you should expect thousands more of in the Social Media Era, and we know we’re right.

Beach: Skys are clear right now, enjoy the beautiful weather…

Morning low tides next week
Chance is the word for rain today
Onshore winds from ~ East North East
5 Day Eta Storm Force Winds – Likelihood. Effects on NB mid week, next… maybe.



Last Quote was by: Franklin Pierce issue 113 –

Today’s who said? “Never underestimate opponents.”


Bo Bo’s Groove by Tom Principato – smooth – used under cc 4.0 share by license – converted to appropriate file type, otherwise this is as original.


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