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The last month, the twelfth month, “ten-ember” (literally) is here and likely to cap off the strangest year in a decade, or so. Support your local restaurants and services if you want them around till…

Volume 1, Issue #139 – Published by LifeCraft Media. LLC, Tuesday, December 1, 2020Afternoon Edition

Options for the Brain: Consider “seriously.” That one word works with just about every punctuation mark. Seriously!

Off The Cuff:  NBPW editor/media hypocrite has deleted Twitter from all devices, yet still publishes a link to this paper each day; freaking hypocrite! But, you, keep reading, daily, right.

Road and Driver: Quote of the day, from a avid NBPW reader, alias KWT, “Some drivers are just idiots.” Such proves the NBPW readership above average.

“That’s all right, I can’t say Che-ro-ray.”
(80’s Mitsubishi commercial – not the photo, the saying.)

The Covid Today: Although we believe there is a thing called fairness, SARS CoV 2 does not care or have any beliefs.

“To the hobos I’m imprisoned by everything I own
To the soldier I’m just someone else who’s dying to go home
The general sees a number, a politician’s tool
To my friends I’m just an equal in this whirlpool”

Magic Mirror by
Leon Russell Language English ISWC T-070.115.964-9
Licensing Request a synchronization license

Trump’s Operation Warp Speed – $1 B = 20 Million doses US by year end, that’s a start (cost $50 per dose)

By Jon Cohen

Op Ed:
Socialists can have New York City, why not? It is already one of the most taxed places in the Universe. Problem is, socialism is unlikely to pay to bring New York back.

Hey, come back please you capitalist pigs, fashion needs you. Okay, forget fashion. Next.

Beach: Chill, something we say when things get hot, or a word to describe the air today. Did you see that “hidden” blood red moonrise last night?

I could not quite get the red out of my iPhone camera of the moon, hidden by clouds, that looked like a neon aircraft carrier floating in the clouds above the Atlantic.
MoonGiant.Com a cool place to moon.
What is that out there, one of those huge wind powered freighters??? Please tell me.

Yesterday’s quote: Jack Nicholson – let me repeat his quote: “I don’t think many people have a very good understanding of leisure and the importance it plays in our lives.”

Todays Who Said:  “Life is too short to blend in.”

Setting the Record Straight: Four years ago, socialism was rejected. This year, progress was rejected. DANG (that is not an acronym).


Music: “In the Middle of the Night” by Tom Principato – guitar master and blues dude; cc4.0 license.

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