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5.3 Billion political adds on Facebook in the week preceding the election. Eat it up, baby.

Volume 1, Issue #142 – Published by LifeCraft Media. LLC, Friday, December 4, 2020Mid-day Edition

Options for the Brain:
Consider something/anything; deeply.

Off The Cuff:  
So you may not make a dog drink either, but play, that they will do. Lao Tzu said, “Be like the dog at play, and at rest; at all other times be like the cat, or the owl, or the fish, or…” (That’s not true, I said that, not Lao Tzu, but I think he would have agreed – of course Buddha was inline, since you might become one of those at any reincarnation.)

Road and Driver: Even numbers, east-west; odd numbers, north-south; 3 digit with odd hundreds digit, spurs and connectors, with even hundreds digits, loops: America loves cars.

I-5 far west,I- 95 far east, I-10 at the bottom, I-90 at top. Everything else, in between.
I’m sure most of our readers know all about the Interstate system, yet, there are a few folks out there that might need to get away from it all, and not know how easy it is…

The Covid Today:
Dr. Faucci will not go into reruns!

“Then one morning you passed
And I brightened at last
Now I greet the day and complete the day
With the sun in my heart”

On the Sunny Side of the Street by Jimmy McHugh

Monkeys may share a key grammar-related skill with humans

A capacity for recursion evolved early in primate evolution, a contested study suggests

By Bruce Bower
June 26, 2020:

Who cares if it’s contested, sounds pretty cool. Have you ever seen a chimp laugh? They like a good joke, too. READ MORE HERE.

Op Ed:
The reason being fired from a job because of your political views was not a thing in the past: respect, both personal and for the employer, were.

Fishing and surfing already going on. Clouds around, but they’re holding their water…

Neptune beach is somewhere under those clouds, just north of middle in the photo. has your mooning covered, wait a minute, what did I say?

Yesterday’s quote: Thurgood Marshal – let me repeat his quote: “The measure of a country’s greatness is its ability to retain compassion in times of crisis.”

Today’s Who Said:  “If you understood everything I say, you’d be me!”

Setting the Record Straight:
By the way, thank you, all of you, that helped along the way – teachers, coaches, parents, friends, friends parents, baseball, automobile manufacturers, especially ALFA, and blue skies.


Music: “Memories” from Retro 1 by Firecircle2. Released: 2016. Genre: rock, classic.; cc4.0 license.

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