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Set the Record Straight: a Black News Channel commentator stated that our hero (from a Pearl Harbor story) was shooting at “Japanese jet fighters.” The Japanese did not have a jet fighter in World War II. Japan did use two types of planes (bomber and torpedo) that attacked Pearl Harbor were propeller airplanes – it was not until 1944 that Japan tested a kamikaze rocket-jet was tested, but the war was ended before it could be readied for use.

Historical facts are important to get right, especially on a TV broadcast.

Volume 1, Issue #146 – Published by LifeCraft Media. LLC, Tuesday, December 8, 2020 – Not2Late Edition

Off the Cuff: Late night is no time to actually get deep into congressional bills, but we’ll try, with a few highlighted clips from definitions in the Pot Bill of 2019:


The Comptroller General of the United States shall, not later than 2 years after the date of enactment of this Act, provide to Congress a study that addresses the societal impact of the legalization of recreational cannabis by States, including—

(1) sick days reported to employers;
(2) workers compensations claims;
(3) tax revenue remitted to States resulting from legal marijuana sales;
(4) changes in government spending related to enforcement actions and court proceedings;
(5) Federal welfare assistance applications;
(6) rate of arrests related to methamphetamine possession;
(7) hospitalization rates related to methamphetamine and narcotics use;
(8) uses of marijuana and its byproducts for medical purposes;
(9) arrest rates of individuals driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated by marijuana;
(10) traffic-related deaths and injuries where the driver is impaired by marijuana;
(11) arrest of minors for marijuana-related charges;
(12) violent crime rates;
(13) school suspensions, expulsions, and law enforcement referrals that are marijuana-related;
(14) high school dropout rates;
(15) changes in district-wide and State-wide standardized test scores;
(16) marijuana-related hospital admissions and poison control calls;
(17) marijuana-related juvenile admittances into substance rehabilitation facilities and mental health clinics; (18) diversion of marijuana into neighboring States and drug seizures in neighboring States;
(19) marijuana plants grown on public lands in contravention to Federal and State laws; and
(20) court filings under a State’s organized crime statutes.

SERIOUSLY? Let’s hope the Comptroller General is already doing 90% of the work. Seems there could be better uses of the Comptroller’s staff with the value of financial fraud perpetrated against the government.

BEACH: Cool, almost cold at times with the wind. I think a guy close by is now living in his wet suit.

Where are you Moon Unit? Moon will be mostly new when Jupiter and Saturn converge.
Good Bye for Now – pressing day…


Music: Jackpot by Big Jim Slade under cc 4.0 share by license.

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