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Vol. 1, Issue # 126 * – Wednesday, November 18, 2020 – Published by LifeCraft Media, LLC – “awe, I wasn’t gonna say bitch… I’m talking about Black Lassie, a Great American Dog” (Cheech and Chong)

Socialism Sarcasm: Oh, thank you for voting to pay more taxes for fifteen years via the new “school infrastructure” sales tax; I was thinking the 4 thousand dollars for schools in my property tax was not enough, especially since my children graduated secondary school 20 years ago.

Off the Cuff: Lizards are just the best, and then, there is Eddie Izzard, who is also the best… the best, ah, Eddie Izzard, like right…

In Other Words: As we shift from capitalism to socialism, how fast do you think the shelves will empty?



caraful; careful with that ax Eugene…”

Careful with that Ax Eugene by Pink Floyd


Positive outlook predicts less memory decline

Date: October 29, 2020

Source: Association for Psychological Science

Summary: Okay, so if you have a good attitude, your memory hangs around longer – who would want to be on the other side of that proposition in a funk all the time’? Get the whole story here (CLICK).

Thinking: Which pressures might cause system failure?

OP ED: When the Electoral College sings, we’ll confront the new reality for real. Till then, listen and consider what you hear.

Perspective: When Hunter Biden gets to partying in the White House – HEY – will someone that can get me in, invite me please cuz I’d love to party with the dude (sorry, I was only shooting for one socialism sarcasm story today, oops).

Words: About Joni Mitchel: “She was a solidly middle-class, buttoned-up bohemian; an anti-feminist who loved men but scorned free love; a female warrior taking on the male music establishment,” Whitall writes. “She was both the party girl with torn stockings and the sensitive poet. She often said she would be criticized for staying the same or changing, so why not take the less boring option?” My friend was the same; forever Rest In Peace, Jennifer McSwain.

Beach: Dark now, windy, it’s that time of year. Morning low tides return, so surfers may be late to work, just kidding…

Room on the beach in the morning…
Watch those skies, rain jackets handy
New moon a week away
Higher winds down south


Who Said?

Yesterday’s orator: Bobby Riggs

Today’s who said? “I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.”

Jackpot by Big Jim Slade – cc 4.0 share by license.

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