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Off The Cuff: Well, President Trump said there would be a vaccine soon, very soon, and, now there is. I guess he knew what he was talking about.

In Other Words: Or, in other kitchen’s, like Al’s Pizza here in Neptune Beach – one of our Covid Kitchens – thanks, Al. Also, Monkey’s Uncle, except somebody keeps eating all the Buffalo Jalapeños before we order.


Of the people I’ve been, of the visions I have seen,

Of the things I think about, of situation that I can hear sometimes,

And the places I have been at times, just trying to be,

These things can only happen once in a lifetime.

Just For Love by Dino Valenti (Quicksilver Messenger Service)


Exoskeletons can reduce strain also in health care

Date: November 10, 2020

Source: University of Tampere

Summary: I tell you, I don’t get no respect. I tell you I don’t get no support – maybe I need an exoskeleton? Click Here

Critical Thinking: Is it all just coincidence?

OP ED: With the pressure off, we all look good.

Perspective: If the USA is the Leader, then lead.

Words: For my teammates of the past, The Who Said quote today: I remember standing up, tightening my belt, grabbing my glove, and getting the butterflies before the game – it always happened the same way, after tying my spikes, then standing up in my baseball uniform, with everything just perfect before heading out to the diamond…

Beach: Dark now – big waves but messy today.

Rain, at times, right…

Funnies: Replay …

Who Said?

Yesterday’s orator: Stevie Wonder

Today’s who said?  “I love to play this game of baseball. I love putting on the uniform.”

Music: Tow by Gulf of Brass, cc 4.0 license.

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