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Off The Cuff: The Move, day three – the dogs are still at the old house, while we are working on how to live out of a completely different home. It looks like one or two more days of these story type daily’s before I have my day’s back to do my work.

Changes: Two weeks ago, I deleted Facebook and Twitter from my phone and iPad, so the only time I can hook up is when I’m at my computer. My social media traffic is down ~80%. I’ve missed nothing.

The Calendar: January 20th – the day after January 19th. That never changes.


All the great explorers
Are now in granite laid,
Under white sheets
for the great unveiling
At the big parade.

Neil Young, For the Turnstiles

Critical Thinking: What are the possible outcomes that have and have not been considered?

OP ED: Unclear on what Newsy thinks is an opinionated word.

Perspective: Microaggression, makes me a bit uneasy.

Words: Hang in there…

Jonathan Livingston Seagull’s friend, Bob

The Funnies and other sections will return soon.

Music: Jackpot by Big Jim Slade, used with permission under cc 4.0 license.

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