My Work

A former paperboy, farmhand, bank clerk, then bartender, accountant, and award wining photographer, I grew up with a father that had a passion for Super 8 film-making.  Dad was not just a guy with a movie camera, but a short film maker.  With photography and videography becoming passions of my own, and loving the works my father created, it was inevitable that I came to share the same passion and understand how important short films can be, for so many reasons.

LifeCraft Media

LifeCraft came to me after having several successful screenings with “twenty-somethings” of films I’d recently completed;  a six minute corporate philanthropy film, and a twenty-two minute personal history and estate planning film.  The screenings were so well received that I found myself feeling a need to work harder in the medium, and continue the journey.

Audio, video, lighting, editing, and producing – I enjoy the entire process, and think of each as its own art form;  and rendering the final film, its just great stuff!

I decided to start LifeCraft Media to bring the highest level of engagement and dedication to short film making for private concerns, whatever the need, personal or corporate; to share my work and vision for filming and preserving important events and sharing our stories.

Bringing lives to the screen…

Frank D. Wilson,  Filmmaker