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The Graceful Exit: is there a graceful exit, for anything? Possibly, yet, is the effort worth it? Stopping, just stopping is an exit. Explaining can be an exit, but explaining to yourself is the most difficult. This is the last daily…

Volume 1, Issue #151 – Published by LifeCraft Media. LLC, Monday, December 14, 2020 – Special Final Daily Edition

Setting the Record Straight:
151 is a very strong rum. If you see something flaming at a bar, it’s likely 151 (except in Franklin County). 151 was the top/last part of an early shooter, the Harbor Light – equal parts Kahlua, tequila, and Amaretto in a pony glass, and float 151 on top, light… Put out flame before you drink – also, the rim of the glass can become hot, depending on how long the blue flame burns. (Only do this in a place where you can see blue flames – like inside, in a darker room, like 70’s bar.) I once was flaming a snifter with some 151, sloshed it across my blue tux shirt. Someone at the bar told me I was on fire – I said thanks. “No, I mean really on fire!” Ahhhhh…..

What Happened?: That first Neptune Beach Minimalist News (former name of Neptune Beach Picayune Worthy), some 151 days ago just sort of happened – I wanted to practice writing for other reasons, and it seemed a possible outlet to retain some appropriate level of stress in my day, if I could take a part of each day to write, and my father was a newspaper man. Unfortunately, the several ideas that started with that first edition required more daily research than it did writing and though I thought clever writing (triple entendres included), left some early readers baffled – like “what the heck was that about” baffled.

The various iterations of the paper came slowly and somewhat painfully – I am not a cartoonist and maybe that was the key to this daily coming to an end, the effort it took to create a cartoon each day, along with the rest of the paper. Some cartoons took hours, and I did not have that time to spend on the artwork, so I took a few liberties, used the same scenes and characters and got it down to a replace the rhetoric kind of thing – here is one of the last Robot cartoons:


By the time I finally got into a production rhythm, several major events popped up and the daily issues suffered and at some point a few weeks ago the cartoons stopped; after a few days I just let it go, and that lifted off a layer of stress in trying to do this thing; I’d made a lot of changes over the 5 months, but loosing the cartoon was a sign.

And travel, which happens even in Covid Land, had me trying to figure out exactly how to fit a daily paper into a drive to Richmond day, or New Jersey, or…, and a one man once a day paper becomes a chore. Some of the personal reasons I’d talked myself into regarding the daily paper production became less important and frankly burdensome, and so…

For the NEPTUNE BEACH PICAYUNE WORTHY (picayune is a 5 cent piece), I’m signing off, so I can start to get back to things that I want more to do than this paper, and can… Thank you for reading along, I’ll keep all the current issues available, and if you go back through fB and Twitter, you can probably get to any of the issues.

For the Future: Certainly writing, as well as visual arts, and music will be replacing the time I’ve spent on this endeavor, and a prose and photo serial is a possibility, but for now, look for me on the BEACH.

The Last Yesterday’s Quote: Hugh Hefner – let me repeat his quote: “Living in the moment, thinking about the future, and staying connected to the past: That’s what makes me feel whole.”

Today’s Who Said:  “42.”


My FAV of the Music: “Tango’d Up In The Blues” by Tom Principato; cc4.0 license.

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