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Saturday Night Edition “Jackpot ” by BigJimSlade mix by TST Studios. Released: 2018. Genre: rock, roots. cc 4.0

Animated Parrot in Real Life

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This is Issue #100. Happy Birthday Cara and Camden… Best Wishes Patrick and Christine Bo Bo’s Groove from Raising The Roof! by Tom Principato. Released: 2008. Genre: rock. cc 4.0

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Starting my withdrawal from FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram. If we are friends, please contact me at TimeDomainReflectometry@Gmail.com so we can keep in touch. (See the In Other Words article…) Do

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If you are voting in Duval County, Florida, the following website is a county elections committee reference for the amendments and referendums and how they will effect our county, you,

Sign to Sanctuary at Catholic Church

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Sales taxes are regressive and no way to pay for capital improvements. SHUCK by Gulf of Brass, cc 4.0 license.

Southwest Kansas Grasslands

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Bo Bo’s Groove from Raising The Roof! by Tom Principato Released: 2008. cc 4.0 license