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Vol. 1, Issue # 126 * – Wednesday, November 18, 2020 – Published by LifeCraft Media, LLC – “awe, I wasn’t gonna say bitch… I’m talking about Black Lassie, a Great American Dog” (Cheech and Chong)

Off The Cuff: Georgia has all the marbles…

In Other Words: When there is no mention of how much the current budget is, how much is waste, how much is theft, how much is actually needed, why do we vote to increase taxes?


“Big Eighty left Savannah, Lord, and did not stop
You ought to saw that colored fireman when he got them boiler hot
You can reach over in the corner, Mama, and hand me my travelin’ shoes
You know by that, I’ve got them Statesboro blues”

Satatesboro Blues by Blind Willie McTell


This ‘squidbot’ jets around and takes pics of coral and fish

Date: October 6, 2020


University of California – San Diego

Summary: Engineers have built a squid-like robot that can swim untethered, propelling itself by generating jets of water. Strange indeed, click here.

Eta just messing things up… Continued high surf in NB.

Music: “Dance of the Planets” from Beside Solanum by Razbaque Dirge. Released: 2013. Genre: urban. cc 4.0 license.

Who Said?

Yesterday’s orator: Edgar Allen Poe

Today’s who said? “Law and order comes from having respect for one another.”

Funnies: (repeat performance)

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